The effects of P.T.S.D. may change from person to person in the way of what it does as a result of how it is received by the person who is suffering from it. Each person infected will experience everything from mental, physical and emotional trauma that can actually change and morph as time goes on. It will end up robbing the person after a very short amount of time of any enjoyment life could have had to offer no matter what medications or therapy that person tries to rid themselves of it. The more analytical and intense the sufferer is the worse it will become. It will spread as any disease and become all consuming as if a type of cancer is now attached itself to mind, body and soul. The problem is unlike the worst cancers there is no visible tumor, or source of infection you can find visibly. We not only stop this invisible disease from spreading but can guarantee to actually turn back time and give back the emotions that were robbed along with the actual control and tools to combat any future attacks.

"I was a COMPLETE SKEPTIC, now I am so glad I came! Everyday I am learning more and more."

USMC Veteran and Surf Therapy Participant, Camp Pendleton California

How does our solution provide success where other current treatments do not?

Our solution to curing soldiers of PTSD involves two important dynamics. The implementation of "The BST Solution" which is a cognitive based therapy which allows individuals to regain mastery of the physiological and psychological symptoms that have been preventing them from leading a normal productive and passionate life. The Surf Therapy Model, allows for individuals to be able to engage in activity that re-engages the individual physically and mentally in a positive manner. It combats the three main symptoms of PTSD (Isolation/Avoidance, Re-experiencing Trauma, Hyper arousal/Hyper vigilance) by eliciting similar emotional, mental and physical responses experienced in PTSD but in a positive environment. The goal of the program is not that everyone of the participants is going to become a surfer but rather to to widen the eyes of the participant and help self-efficacy emerge within them. The two models combined allow for maximum success in treating soldiers suffering from PTSD.

We found that all veterans participating in the program had decreased self reported symptoms of PTSD and Depression. Participants currently requiring prescription medication to get through the day were now able to live without having to depend on medication to combat their symptoms. Participants regained control and mastery of their lives and no longer lived in fear of PTSD.

Our solutions and treatments help soldiers redefine who they once where by making them fully understand what made them who they where before and after they started getting the symptoms of P.T.S.D.

We have put into place steps that will get our soldiers to understand how there is a breakdown of how they once processed emotion and self control pre war and the differences in what they do now. We have discovered the science behind these reactions and how they translate into thought, emotion and self preservation. When that translation is not interpreted properly by the person experiencing it there are astronomical repercussions to a persons psyche.

To explain a little better about what we have discovered i will try to explain in an analogy... a soldier is like a home owner that knows the entire electrical wiring layout of their house. When there is the slightest problem they can go straight to the source and fix the problem fast. Now imagine an unknown electrician came in when the home owner wasn't home...completely rewired and amped up the voltage 100x more then it was before. The homeowner comes home an unbeknownst to them the lights are going on and off, everything is shorting out and the electrical devices keep sparking and almost blowing up all the sockets. Now imagine that homeowner doesn't know what happened and has no idea how to fix any of the shorts or replace the breakers that keep blowing. The house doesn't feel safe anymore let alone like home. The home owner just wants to get out of there but there is no where to go and they can't run... they just have to live like this now, in an unsafe unfamiliar environment that used to be their only solace. Well that's where we come in. We are like the electricians that can come in and not only restore the wiring back to the way it once was but we can build an even better electrical box complete with instructions so they can always be in control of there electrical from now on. We now make sure that with the proper understanding of there setup they will have the safety and security to know that it will never be at risk to be rewired and over amped again. Just like too much voltage in a house is dangerous, so is over stimuli and adrenaline in a person. We bring back the proper balance of mind, body and emotion. How we do this is through the science of understanding the wiring we are all made up of mixed with how the voltage is monitored by our psyche unknowingly by us everyday.

The Impact our Solutions have on everyone that have been exposed to them goes far beyond soldiers and former gang members although they have benefited the greatest in the end. Our discoveries and research have taken us to places that will reach and affect everyone in someway or another. Anxiety and P.T.S.D. is also linked directly to sexual dysfunctions and issues such as Premature ejaculation and Erectile dysfunctions. Our solutions and treatments bring complete control to ones body where many of these problems where formally untreatable and not yet linked. There has been a huge break and disconnect in medical and scientific understanding before now. This is why we want the people who most need our treatments and solutions to benefit first before we start to release all the findings we have to bring to the world.

"The Fear is Gone, now I am learning how to forget and move forward. The hardest part is allowing myself to be excited again without the constant dark cloud over my head."

USMC Veteran and Surf Therapy Participant, Camp Pendleton California

Our Solutions

We have the only proven method to end the physical effects of P.T.S.D. to date, Before releasing this Worldwide we will be using several treatment programs to help our Soldiers first.

Everyone is finally being brought aware of how staggering the statistics of people suffering from PTSD are worldwide. Each day new statistics are coming to light that show the world is in great need of yet another cure.  As usual, it lands on the laps of the medical community to magically come up with a new miracle drug to save everyone. The hardest hit is with the PTSD phenomenon is our soldiers in North America that have so heroically fought for our freedom and the freedom of others and returned back home somewhat broken.

Not always broken in a way we can see like an outwardly visual wound or scar, but inwardly, hidden battle scars that only they can feel and see the effects in their daily lives.
These wounds are worse for these soldiers because even the worst outward war injury can somehow be fixed to some degree.  If it’s a missing limb, a prosthetic can be modified and the soldier can lead somewhat of a normal life again. If it is a brain injury the doctors can try to rehabilitate and medicate to somehow bring results to the soldier or ease the family burden. 

When people see lost limbs or battle scars, they tend to feel bad and give sympathy to the soldier.  When it’s PTSD the injury isn’t visible.  The family is so happy at the return of their beloved family member that on the outside, appears to be a whole person and they don’t want to think that there could be anything to fear. It turns out that the fear they had for the soldier the whole time the soldier was deployed is nothing like the fear they have now when that is soldier is back now and needs their help and they are powerless to do anything.
It is one thing to just generally be worried about a soldier who is a loved one when they are far way and you can’t see them in the line of fire.  You mind might run wild sometimes and visualize what they are going through, but the occasional phone call or video message from abroad always puts your mind at ease.  Now, this soldier is home and right in front of you.  But something isn’t right.  As much as you try to make everything perfect for them they just don’t seem to be who they once were.

Loved ones can try to imagine how much this soldier has seen or been through but that is over now.  Why aren’t they happy?  It makes no sense to them that this person who is now home is still acting scared as if they are still on the battlefield.  They don’t see the need for them to be scared anymore.  They believe if they help them keep their mind off the past, that the future will no doubt be very bright.  They believe it probably is just going to take some time. Time goes by and it seems to be getting worse.  It is human nature for all those around someone who is suffering from PTSD to get frustrated.  No matter what comforts or sacrifices the family gives or gives up, to surround their loved one suffering, nothing seems to works.

Inevitably, impatience comes next.  When someone feels powerless to help someone they love, so many emotions will follow.  Blame will come and it is just a matter of when.  First, they will blame themselves for not trying to stop the soldier form joining up in the first place.  Then they will blame the wars, the government, the particular branch of military service and so on. Then here it comes next, they will silently start to blame the victim.  Not by choice but actually strange enough, human preservation because if they didn’t they themselves will start to lose any happiness they have in their life.

Their sanity is now being silently attacked without any provocation, or any weapons drawn at all.  When no one seems to be able to help the people that they love, and the loved one now keeps lashing out or staying away from the world around them, their blame will be directed right back at them. Maybe they aren’t trying hard enough, maybe they are wallowing in pity.  Maybe they are using this as an excuse to not have to be intimate or interact with people as they once did. Maybe they think they deserve more benefits from their government that sent them to fight.  There has to be some reason why this soldier is “not trying” to get their life back.

So everyone looks back to the doctors.  Well, we never wanted our loved one to be medicated at the beginning, but we have done everything we can to help them.  That hasn’t worked and we are tired, we are losing our own happiness and our life is now not the same so we have changed our minds.  Yes..Please doctors, medicate them..Do what you have to..Just please take the burden off of us because we are tired and have no idea now how to cope with this in our lives anymore. All that brings all of them, and all of you to us.

What if it wasn’t medication that is going to make all of this “go away” ?
What if the physical effects of PTSD can not only be treated 100% effectively but that the soldier has almost a 100% chance at the ability of regaining the emotional equipment they need to backing to their old self?

PTSD is a silent thief that has been given so much power on the last 60 years by the medical profession, unknowingly feeding that power instead of removing it altogether.
It was never drugs, procedures or emotional therapy that was going to get rid of PTSD, it was actual basic scientific understanding of what it really is. Everyone has been so busy trying to find the latest Band-Aid solution to give a quick fix to the people that suffer from it whether it was to profit or maybe try to help, they all missed the obvious.

We can completely now understand how the obvious is not so simple after decades of fear and misdiagnoses that our medical professionals have built upon. We have tried for 5 solid years to find anything close to our findings in everything from medical journals, textbooks, internet, doctors, scientists and it is just not there.  It simply had not been discovered, formulated or researched. The great lengths that we had to go through in order to be able to bring it to you now has not been easy or conventional by any means so we can understand the average person would have never had the slightest chance to discover a sliver of what we have uncovered.

Medical professionals are bound by so many rules and regulations and parameters on their research that the timelines and money they are given would never get them close to where we had to go. The puzzle we have completed and put together, wasn’t the store bought kind with the picture on the front of the box so you could see how it ends up looking like.  It was a puzzle that no one even could have dreamed even existed in the first place.
With each piece we put into place weI would get just a little more excited and hopeful that this was going to be as big and as real as I knew in my heart it should be.  We had all the answers and no idea what the original questions were, or how everything tied into together.

Everything ever written about anxiety, PTSD, PED and ED was completely opposite from every one of our findings. There was absolutely not one doctor, scientist, book, or research paper that would support anything we originally had come up with.
So this left us no choice, we not only had to research all of it, but also prove our findings or dispel them. Then not only prove it all and link all the research but also put the puzzle together but hardest of all, prove to the entire world what we had discovered was real. 

Yes, it has been a very long journey as you are going to see, but one that will change the lives of everyone who will benefit from all of our work. WeI started out trying to help a few, , then save a few more and all of a sudden realized this is much bigger than all of us.

Not to release everything we have to the soldiers first before we release everything to the world, would be letting the world be robbed of one of the greatest gift it could ever be given.  Freedom and control over themselves in its truest form of real understanding.
Not through emotional, spiritual, or medical teaching, preaching, procedures or medicine.
Good old science and basic human understanding of how we were all made.  Then, with proper education, and therapy models that we have in place mixed with specially selected outdoor activities we have a proven Method that help all it's recipients.