The   purpose of peacekeepers for life is to assist and treat individuals struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Difficulty) and decrease the amount of traumatic stress related suicide.

Although aimed primarily at returning military veterans, its participants also include Police, Fire and other emergency services personnel as well as civilians. PTSD affects people of all professions ages and cultures.

Our Promise

We Do Not Offer False Hopes....We Give Back Lives



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Peacekeepers and Restored Heroes


First Responders Are in Great Need of More Programs and Actual Life Saving Educational Systems That Are Now Available

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Our organization is designed to use science to combat p.ts.d. and reduce the first responder suicide rate


Our solutions Give the Treatment and Therapy to End P.T.S.D. as the World knows it

We Provide scholarships and programs to veterans and individuals who have provided their community with services that lead to them battling the effects of acute anxiety and p.t.s.d.

Through our Organizations that are linked to Restored Heroes we are able to not just put band aid solutions onto huge problems and then pass the individual to the next place that may or may not help them. We are a full Service Organization that takes a Candidate from a very dark place and we hold onto them until they are back to the way they once were surrounded by opportunities and support that will change their lives positively.